The ARHG Member Funds understand that discharge from hospital following an illness or operation can be a worrying time for patients and their families, especially if the patient lives alone.

The SDP is designed to provide short term assistance and support while patients recuperate from their recent illness. The hospital discharge coordinator will start to plan the discharge as soon as the patient is admitted to hospital. Once the patient's Doctor has confirmed they are clinically stable, the hospital discharge coordinator will review the services required to enable the patientís discharge. The hospital will seek funding from the patientís health fund through ARHG and arrange for these services to start once the patient gets home.

It is important to note that the SDP is not an automatic entitlement. Each case is considered on an individual basis, according to the information provided by the member, the referring health service provider and the medical practitioner involved and must replace in-hospital bed days.

Assistance and support may be provided in a range of areas including:

  • Home based nursing care
  • Home Care / Personal Care / General self care / Child Care
  • Household mangement
  • Home based Rehabilitation / Home based respite care
  • Residential Convalescent care in a registered Supported Residential Service
  • Service coordination and support
  • Provision of specialised equipment (not including routine aids such as frames and crutches)